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17. Oct 11

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Hello, World | Android Developers

16. Oct 11

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Microcontroller pages by Roland Walter

05. Oct 11

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Truncating Text < PHP | The Art of Web

Truncating text string using PHP. Limiting echo output to a certain length, breaking on spaces or full stop. Useful when data output from sql database into HTML template.

27. Sep 11

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23. Sep 11

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Arduino for Beginners: Controlling fan or motor sp...

16. Sep 11

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Arduino ins Netz bringen -

Arduino ins Netz bringen Arduino kann durch Shields erweitert werden. Dabei handelt es sich um weitere Boards, die auf das eigentliche Arduino Duemilanove Board aufgesteckt werden und seine...

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/ - webduino - Simple and extensible web server...

13. Sep 11

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N-Zone Abo mit Prämie Black und Decker Tools Koff...

12. Sep 11

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QVectors - Quality Free Vector Graphics is the place to find all the quality free Vector images & graphics from around the web. if you're a designer and need vector stock images for commercial use then be sure to check out our ...

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